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The white oak is the largest and longest lived of the oak trees – the one the term “the mighty oak” referred to. The tree grows at a steady moderate pace and spreads its branches very wide. Of course, it is in a constant state of renewal with the seasons.

White Oak Investment Partners seeks to acquire and operate manufacturing companies in Southeastern New England. Our principals have significant experience and/or interest in the building products, recreational products, plastic molding, metal forming, and green tech industries. We are willing to acquire good businesses that are facing operational or financial challenges. We are not dependent on existing senior management teams.

White Oak’s principals are two entrepreneurs who independently built successful businesses and have joined forces to acquire and build a new business. Lauri Union and Chip Johns have spent over 40 years collectively in various manufacturing based businesses. Our depth of experience is substantial . We generate truly superior results by building and organizing teams to exceed expectations and create great companies. Both Lauri and Chip built their individual companies, Union Corrugating and Vanguard Sailboats into industry leaders before selling to strategic or financial buyers.

As proven entrepreneurs and business operators, Lauri and Chip can provide value to a business far beyond that of a financial investor. We:

  • Bring our own capital to the business and are not dependent on raising equity from third parties.
  • Build businesses over the long term and will invest our personal time and capital to achieve that vision.
  • Believe that treating customers, employees, and other stakeholders with fairness and respect is the foundation of building a thriving business.
  • Believe in building upon what is best in a business to achieve new levels of success. As such, we are ideal investors for business owners who want to see the best in their company preserved after a transition.